Was Shaneah Jenkins Odin Lloyd’s Girlfriend?

lloyd-hernandez-Shaneah Jenkins Shayanna Jenkins

Odir Lloyd has been identified as the man found fatally shot close to Aaron Hernandez’ home, he is the linebacker with the New England Patriots, whose is living with his girlfriend and baby mama Shayanna Jenkins. Shayanna’s younger sister Shaneah Jenkins was allegedly dating Odin Lloyd by the time of his death.

According to Odin Lloyd’s family he was  dating Aaron Hernandez’ sister in-law Shaneah Jenkins,  media said that relationship status on Facebook said she was single, but that is not what she has on her profile on Blackplanet.com.

we already told you all we found about the late Mr. Lloyd, so this time we are going to tell all we know about his rumored girlfriend Ms. Jenkins..

21-year-old Shaneah Jenkins is the middle child of Jodi Jenkins, 45,  she was born on August 09, 1991 in Bristol, Connecticut, and has one sister Shayanna and one half sister  Ontavia Samuel from her mother’s relationship  with Mr. Frank Samuel.

Shaneah attended at Chippens Hill Middle School and  graduated with honors from  Bristol Central high School in 2006, she then to Central Connecticut State University.


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  1. Poor daughter of Hernandez….
    Hope it’s not true.
    Both women are ugly to boot.

    • “ugly”?? ..really ??? …. and I presume you feel you look like Halle Berry? …. Those females aren’t ugly …focus on the topic at hand hater.

    • I beg to differ… plus, ugly is subjective. I actually think Odin’s “alleged” girlfriend is a hottie… both of them are!!

      • Oh, and my deepest heartfelt condolences goes out to Odin’s family and loved one. Such a tragedy for all those involved.

    • ugly??? totally disagree. Both girls are gorgeous. What are yo smoking?

  2. lisa o'malley says:

    Their looks are not the issue at hand….stay focused fox news viewers

  3. They are ugly as sin!!! Aaron could’ve had a nice looking hot cheerleader! WTF?

    • Wow…sin must be pretty these days. Those girls are beautiful…nice bodies…strong family genes. I wouldn’t think the subject of ugly would even pop up in this case. Anyway, 2 beautiful young ladies and my heart goes out to the Odin family. RIP Lloyd…

  4. Who are you kidding? Those girls are busted. How does a NFL player settle for that nasty thing?

  5. I know its not the issue at hand….but yea,, UGLY!! Race has absolutely nothing to do with it, just plain ole ugly. I guess he’s thinking she’s one “down” a** girlfriend…more like dumb a** girlfriend! Dumb AND ugly….

  6. Aaron’s Fiancée is not ugly! And I’m pretty sure that the people on here saying she’s ugly are white hating females. Jealousy is the ugliest trait.. Is none of your business why he picked her and what not I bet of his fiancé would have been white with a wack ass shapeless body you guys would be so happy. Shut up haters. He picked her he loves her he fucked her point blank.


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